Title: Discovering Their Destiny
Series: The Destiny Trilogy #1

What girl doesn't love coffee, wine, books, and designer shoes? Not a single one that I know. And now I’m stuck in the seventeenth century with no way of finding any of at least three of these things. Throw in a shape shifting gypsy, a hunky and moody Highland warrior, and a shaggy dog that only obeys me and you’ve got the reality of my new life. Devlin claims he was happy with life before I came along and mucked it all up. Even though we both refuse to accept it, the attraction between us can’t be denied. The stubborn highlander wants me for what I can do for his clan and he vows he’ll never let me go. But I don’t want to be kept. Love and magic were never a part of my plan, but it seems that destiny has other ideas, and fate won’t be ignored. *formerly published under the title of Destiny Finds Her

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