Title: Their Chosen Mate
Series: The Night Shift Series #3
ASIN: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09ZJ85SKN

A dominant mate, a loving submissive, and the woman who steals both their hearts.

Amelia decided a mate wasn’t in her future. However, her panther disagreed the moment he spoke. Their body came to life at Niko’s growly voice. When Miguel’s caring attention caused the same heat to build within her, she rebels against what fate has presented her.

Niko had no time for one mate, let alone two. A night at the club satisfied his needs when he needed to scratch the proverbial itch. He must let go of the stereotypes his prior pride taught him if there was any chance to accept his mates.

Miguel knew immediately that the bond between the three of them was an amazing, unique gift. His panther preened at the realization fate chose him for such a prize. He just needed to get Niko and Amelia to see and accept the connection uniting them.

Can Amelia overcome the scars from her life and accept the gift right in front of her? Can Niko soften enough to accept the gift fate presented him with? Can Miguel's loving attention bring them all together once and for all?

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