Title: Draven: The Vampire King
Series: Black Mountain Pack #6

One Vampire King wanted for his power

One Lynx shifter who is in the way

Two shifter cubs caught in the middle


I am one of the three oldest vampires on earth. When I get the call that vampires are disappearing from my nest in the black mountain pack territory it's time to take a visit. This simply brings my plan to choose my life partner ahead of schedule. My time for being blessed with a mate has passed by centuries so it's time to choose a life partner. When I arrive Fate has a change of heart. When my intended learns of my fated jealousy rears its ugly head. Now I must find who's taking my fledglings, help discover who blew up my best friends bar, and keep all those in my nest under control before it costs my mates life.


My cubs are my life. They may not be mine by blood, but by choice. I have a good job managing The Silver Fox for Sterling and provide everything my little family needs. I don't need a man or a mate. Life was perfect until fate chose that moment to blow up my bar, send a group of crazy rogue wolves after my kids, and send me a vampire for a mate. His crazy vampire ho can have him I need to get my kids back and find a new job. This damn mate bond won't make it that easy.

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