Title: Mack: The Alpha's Mate
Series: Black Mountain Pack #1

He’s loved and cherished.
She’s hated and hunted.
War threatens when their worlds collide.

As the son of the Alpha, Mack has never taken advantage of his position. Instead, he works to strengthen the pack any way he can. When his father asks him to find a female who has been missing since he was a teen, Mack jumps at the chance. But Casey will be far more than he bargained for. Beautiful. Strong. Hunted by danger. Can he teach her what it means to be part of a pack? Or will having her there put his people at risk?

Casey never meant to be found. She’s spent years hiding from the trauma that haunts her, but lately, something within her refuses to be ignored. Raw power. Predatory instincts. She’s losing control… and fast. Trust doesn’t come easy for her, but Mack might be her only hope. As ghosts from her past close in, can Mack teach her balance over the newfound abilities surging within her? Or will Casey inadvertently bring destruction down on those trying to help her?

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