Title: Wyatt: Discovering his Mate
Series: Black Mountain Pack #4

Can love prevent an apocalyptic magical war?

As the last dragon shifter, Wyatt resigned himself to a lonely existence absent of love or a mate. Acting as a rogue outlaw, he rides from town to town on his beloved bike protecting humans and shifters from a brutal warlock faction.

All that changes the instant he sees Natalie and feels the undeniable pull of the mate bond.

Natalie longs for more than her small town can offer, yet caring for her mother prevents her from exploring these desires. Instead, she settles for living vicariously through her best friend--who is the daughter of a prominent warlock.

Until a mysterious, brooding shifter rides into town...

The instant Wyatt appears Natalie’s world is turned upside down as secrets are revealed about her tiny hometown. The last thing Wyatt wants is to hurt his mate in any way. Yet helping her break free from the trap she’s imprisoned in will require her betraying her best friend.

One way or another, a war is coming.

To prevent all they hold dear from being destroyed, they must risk their lives and their love. Or... watch everything they know and love burn to ash.

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