Title: Sterling: A Second Chance Mate
Series: Black Mountain Pack #3

Sterling only gets called in when things are bad, and they don’t get much worse than this.

A pack in Texas is trapped under the rule of an Alpha who uses black magic and bloodthirsty vampires to bend his people to his will. Sterling is ready to storm in and do what he must when he feels the undeniable stirrings of the mate bond. Now, the stakes are higher than ever. If he fails, the Resistance will eradicate the entire pack... including his mate. And there will be nothing he can do to stop them.

Reana is one of the few in her pack not affected by her Alpha’s black magic. When Sterling charges into town, she prays he’s the answer to the threatening Resistance. Until she discovers he’s her bonded mate. Ready to run at the first chance she gets, the last thing she wants is a possessive mate holding her back.

Time is running out. Can Sterling convince Reana to help save the imprisoned pack? Or will they both be trapped under the growing web of dark magic?

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