Title: Stephen:The Omega's Curse
Series: Black Mountain Pack #5

Cursed or not, I will get my mate back. In the span of two weeks I found my true mate, told I’m a rare omega and found out I’m cursed. As if things couldn’t get worse another pack alpha decides to abduct my true mate days after I find her. With help from a dragon and lion shifter, with a reputation no one wants to mess with, we set out to rescue Harper. I promise if that alpha harms a hair on her head, I’ll have his on a pike!
It’s up to me to save my pack. In order to do that I must deny the advances of the new River Pack Alpha and keep the growing bond to my true mate hidden. Everything goes to hell in a handbasket when another pack alpha kidnaps me. One wrong move can cost the lives of my people. I refuse to become a pawn in this war. Nor will I allow another person I love to sacrifice themselves to save me.

The Omega’s Curse is full of shifters, strong female leads, magic and finding one's true mate. Start the Black Mountain Pack series TODAY with The Alpha's Mate.

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